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June 1, 2014

Return to Her
Part of the Red Hot & Boom Collection

Tackling Her Heart
(Football Fantasies, 3)
Punished and benched after he paid a little needed retribution on a teammate, Marc Anders goes into self-exile at a Tahitian resort.  He needed to get away from the media circus his life was about to become.  But the ringleader of that circus, ex–lingerie model turned sports reporter, Sofia Figueroa, follows him trying to get her scoop.
Sofia nearly destroyed Marc’s brother’s career with a slanderous mistake, one she’s apologized for repeatedly.  Now she’s on the hunt to write another piece on the Anders’ clan, and Marc will do anything to stop her, even if it comes down to seducing her and making Sofia his mistress.
Cool and controlled, they don’t call him The Iceman for nothing.  Yet Sofia heats his blood and threatens to make him melt.  Knowing he needs to hold on to the reins, his brand of control comes with cuffs and paddles, and he has more than one reason to punish his lover.
Can he hold on to his control and not let his own dark needs overshadow hers?

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Catching the Pass 
(Football Fantasies, 2)

Jennings Ashby had played football since peewee leagues in elementary school, but a college knee injury shattered his dreams of the NFL—until his sister found a new surgery that would give him a chance at reaching for that dream once again. Almost thirty and not having touched a football in nearly a decade, he has a lot of hard work ahead of him if he wants a chance at the big show. 

Maggie Anders is one of the best rehab therapists around. She’s tapped to work with Jennings and agrees to come live in his Dixon, Texas home to administer the intensive training and therapy he needs—especially since it’ll get her away from the drama her NFL fiancĂ© has created in her life. Running away is much easier than facing the man she wasn’t really sure she wanted to marry in the first place. She swears off athletes for good. Then she meets Jennings and she has to rethink that vow. 

Jennings knows he wants Maggie from the moment she knocks on his door, but he needs to focus on getting ready for the tryout his friend Rhett obtains for him more than he needs to focus on getting Maggie into his bed—no matter how tempting the latter sounds. 


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Sacking the Quarterback 
(Football Fantasies, 1)

At fourteen, Taylor Ashby had a schoolgirl crush on Rhett. Who could ignore the hotter than hell senior quarterback of the football team? But he left for college before she had her chance and went on to be the hottest quarterback in the NFL, a world away from little Dixon, Texas.

Ten years later, Rhett Banes comes home after a very public divorce that caused his world to come crashing down. Coming home, he hopes he can remember the man he was before all the glitz and the money screwed with his head.

When Rhett comes across his best friend's little sister all grown up, he can barely keep his hands to himself. But Taylor isn't the same little girl who had an infatuation. She's all woman and might be too much for him to handle—especially when a woman is what got him into trouble in the first place.