Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Un-Retirement Begins Soon!

Three more weeks until I am officially un-retired.

His Vow is edited and ready to go... and releases on March 25th, 2015

This story was nearly FIVE YEARS in the making.  I had the idea come to me right after I finished writing The Lottery (which turns five as of September!) and I was scared to write it.

It is a bit of an odd-ball tale.  My first Interracial Romance, it has Confederate ghosts, the Battle of Bull Run, Northern Spies, New Orleans Voodoo, time-travel, and is just a whirlwind of action and a ton of heat.  How does one categorize all that?

It took me two years just to finally write the story.  Another year to try the rounds of submissions.  Another nearly two years after that of the story collecting dust on my computer. In the mean time, I had "retired." Meaning, the book world just felt too overwhelming and I was considering a fresh new start with a new pen name some day in the future. Or to just stay down and out and be the reader I love to be and never seem to have the time to be when writing.

A few authorly friends kicked my butt and made me release this story. In three weeks, we'll find out if they were right!