Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Creeping Out of Retirement

Last summer, I had reached a point where I just felt my career was stagnant.  I wasn't moving ahead, writing was becoming a chore instead of something I loved, and after numerous years, it wasn't fun anymore.  My health was failing and I just didn't want the stress any longer.

So I retired.

I sat back, relaxed, read again (as I had next to no time to read while I was writing), and I spent time with my kiddo.

It was great.

I loved it.

And then the voices in my head started to talk.  No, I'm not insane.  Ask any writer and they will tell you about the voices.  Our characters are just as real to us as our friends and family, and they only shut up when we get their stories out on paper.

After several months, a story I had already written three years before finally started screaming.  I'd sent it out to a couple large publishing houses after I'd written it, but they passed.  I knew it was "the one", the story I loved too much to do it half-assed, so I left it to sit, collecting cobwebs.

The characters in the story weren't happy about that.

So, after a lot of soul searching (and a few kicks in the ass from my author friends), I pulled the manuscript out and dusted it off.  Spent several days, long hours in the chair at my desk, cleaning, tweaking, rewriting, adding, and making it shine.

It felt great working on it.  And it's time for it to get out to the world.

Coming late March 2015 is HIS VOW.

This novel is my baby.  I love this story so much I can't even begin to explain how happy I am it will be released -- or how scared I am that it will be released.

It is my first IR/NA Paranormal Romance and hopefully you'll love it as much as I loved writing it.