Friday, August 1, 2014

Guest Blogger - Miranda Marks Abducted to Oz

I really enjoyed this fun romp through Oz.  If you're truly familiar with the story and you like some heat in the pages, I think you'll love this sexy mfmm menage. - AOH

Great-grandma Dorothy’s tall tales of Oz were much more honest than Dani ever could’ve expected.

Captured by the Wicked Witch, Dani’s dragged out of Nowhere, Kansas kicking and screaming. She’d been craving adventure, but this wasn’t what she had in mind—especially when the witch plans to use her as bait before killing her.

Lane, Tinan, and Brody had been searching for their queen—the descendant of Princess Ozma and the true ruler of Oz—but the witch got to her before they could tell her the truth. The three have to work together to bring Dani to safety, and help her defeat the Wicked Witch in order to save Oz.

In order for her powers to awaken, the three men have to claim Dani and make her theirs, but will Dani choose them and save the land she thought was simply a fairy tale?



Dani glanced up and Tinan still watched them from the end of the bed. She pulled from the other two men, crawling over Brody to get off the bed. Walking to the end, she reached the front of Tinan’s pants and cupped his hard cock. “Why aren’t you coming to bed?”

His jaw tight, he turned to stare at her. “Is this really what you want? You told me otherwise not all that long ago.”

Tinan’s question stopped her short. He was offering her an out, a way to put on the breaks, no matter how her body raged. The fact he was willing to forego his need for her only made her want him all the more. “I ache.”

“I know you do. But fully answering that ache means you’re tying yourself to us forever,” he answered. “We can help ease your need and allow your head to clear.”

“And open her to the witch’s wrath,” Lane said from the bed. “Her only protection is to bind herself to us.”

Brody agreed. “She doesn’t know the lengths the witch will go to end her life. A life with us is better than none at all.”

“But it has to be her choice,” Tinan roared. “She’s caught in the clutches of the mating call. She can’t think clearly, and I won’t take advantage of her. And I won’t let you two, either.”

Some of what Tinan said made so much sense, but the throbbing of her body took over. “I don’t care,” she moaned. “Just make it stop.”

Lane pulled her back into the bed, drawing her back between him and Brody. Both men alternated kissing her and fondling her body as Tinan finally climbed on the bed. He stopped between her thighs, glancing up at her before lowering to lick between her folds.