Friday, July 18, 2014

Guest Blogger: Victoria Vallo

While MM isn't everyone's cuppa, Victoria Vallo is an amazing author who I can't help sharing here.  More Than a Fantasy is her newest release and you can check out the blurb and excerpt below.

Joel returns to his old high school twenty years after graduating, now a successful author and eager to give back to the community. He’s also excited about reconnecting with one of the teachers, the man who unknowingly changed his life forever, the man who has lingered in his dreams and fueled his imagination all these years.

Damien had never moved in the same circles as Joel. He’d been a brooding loner with few friends and had frequently suffered abuse for being openly gay. He can hardly believe his former crush is not only gay but also interested in him. But as he learns more about Joel, he begins to wonder if what they have is real or if it’s nothing more than Joel trying to live out some fantasy that will do nothing but hurt them both.


Damien thanked the coffee shop owner for not kicking them out as he and Joel left hours later. They crossed 18th Street and found that their cars were the only ones left in Tre Ragazzi’s parking lot.

Damien checked his watch again. “Looks like my students will be doing busy work tomorrow so I can hide in the corner and sleep.”

Joel checked his phone. “Wow, it is late.” Slipping his phone back in his pocket, he moved closer. “But I had a great time.”

“I did too.” Damien wanted to throw Joel up against the car and absolutely ravish his mouth, but even with most everything closed, lots of cars still drove by. He walked to his car and unlocked it, opening the back door.

Joel came closer but didn’t get inside.

Damien leaned in and whispered, “Get in there so I can kiss you properly without half the city honking at us.”

Joel turned, their lips almost touching. “Yes, sir.” Then he climbed in and scooted across the seat.

That response had Damien hard, but he tried to calm himself. He got into the car gingerly and shut the door. He wanted far more than a kiss, but he’d had an amazing time simply talking with Joel. He wanted another date and then another. He knew now that he had to have more than a brief indulgence in old fantasies.

Joel moved closer, and they both reached for each other. Damien finally got to touch Joel’s hair, which was as silky and soft as he’d always imagined. Their lips met gently at first, and Joel’s hands moved all over him. Damien opened up to deepen the kiss, and the clash of tongues made him sigh. Joel’s hands slid up and down his chest, and then one went down to his cock.

Damien broke the kiss. “I really just wanted to kiss you. Ignore it.”

Joel laughed. “I thought we came to the conclusion that ignoring things was bad.” He gazed into Damien’s eyes, looking so sexy and eager. “We’re not teenagers anymore, and I want to suck you.”

Damien’s cock jerked, and Joel looked down. His fingers caressed Damien again, and then he began unzipping Damien’s pants. He had Damien’s cock free in no time, and then he got on the floor of the car. Damien glanced around, but they seemed to be completely alone. He’d always imagined he would be the one servicing Joel, which only made this moment that much more amazing. Joel pumped him and then began suckling the head. He went slowly, pushing Damien’s lust higher and higher. Gradually, he took more and more until Damien’s cock entered his throat.

Damien cried out and gripped Joel’s shoulders. “You’re gonna make me come.”

Joel licked along the underside and quickened his pace. The pressure built, and Damien tried to hold back. Joel slowed again, his movements so sensual. No one had sucked Damien like this in years. He arched to meet Joel’s movements, and Joel’s hands rubbed his thighs in an encouraging way.