Sunday, July 13, 2014

Guest Blogger: AD Marrow

AD Marrow just released her title, A Lick of Flame.  Guys, I've read this awesome MC Paranormal and it's something special.  Ms. Marrow has a way with words and her hero, muah, scrumptious!  ALoF is the first in her new MC Club, Kill Devil Crew, series and she certainly starts it off with a bang!
Check out the blurb and excerpt below.

In the battle between good and evil, there are angels, there are demons… and then there's Dane Mason.

President of the Kill Devil Crew, his fighting skills are legendary both in Heaven and Hell. When a high ranking demon taps him for a prime spot down under, Dane must pull out all the stops to protect the town of Graves Hollow but more importantly, to save the soul of the one woman he can't live without.

Where Dane destroys, Emme Rooney heals. Physician’s Assistant Emme sews up the members of Kill Devil Crew when the things that go bump in the night lash out. Dane knows loving him could get her killed, but her hands on his body sends him reeling out of control.

Dane pushes her away time and time again, only to be drawn back to her flame. Will his desire blind him to the real danger surrounding him?


“Don’t ever think that you aren’t wanted, Emme.” Dane’s mouth lowered to her ear. His lips moved against it as he spoke. “You are. More than anything. I want you in my bed. I want my mouth on you. I want my heart with you.” He placed both of his hands on the side of her face, lifting it so that her eyes met his. “Emme, I…”

Dane’s mouth lowered to hers in a quick and passionate kiss. His tongue teased at her lips, making her open her mouth. She was greedy, pulling it in, her tongue dancing with his in a frantically heated exchange. Her fingers gripped his side, her nails digging into his skin, and the knot in her belly twisted when she heard him groan.

She brought her fingers up over his abdomen, the ripples on his belly setting fire to her fingers. His mouth grew hungrier and the sharp intake of his breath mixed with the occasional deep, rumbling moan made her almost lose her head.


When her palms reached the planes of his chest, she gave him a gentle push. The first time, he didn’t realize what she was doing, so she gave him another. Her head was swimming, and her body was nearly liquid. But there was nothing on the other side of the hot make-out session aside from the inability to sit down without wincing for at least a day and a more than fractured heart. It had to stop before it was too late to escape with anything left of her emotions intact.

“Dane, I can’t,” she managed to whisper against his mouth.

He pulled away from her, his lips swollen and glistening. “What?” His voice was raspy and he looked confused.

“I,” she stopped to try to catch her breath. “I want this more than anything, But –”

“But nothing,” he said, his breath still labored.

“No,” she breathed out. With what little space she had put between them, she snaked her way out from his grasp and moved towards the door. “I can’t be with you like this. I can’t just do what we did last Christmas and walk away like nothing happened. I can’t do that again.”

Dane turned around and took a few steps towards her, leaving just enough space for her to take him all in. His big hands resting on his hips, just where his almost too damn tiny boxer briefs hit. He was still hard as a rock from head to toe, and the black cotton did little to hide the fact that he was more than a little hard elsewhere.

“And exactly what is it we did last Christmas, Emme?”

Images of the dark clubhouse lit up with flashing colored lights played in her head like a movie. She remembered walking into the club, Dirty Santa gift in hand, and God help her, she zeroed in on Dane like a heat-seeking missile. He sat in the corner of the room, drink in hand, lording over the club like it was an old Viking hall. After a few cocktails, she screwed up the courage to talk to him. Once the conversation started, it didn’t stop.

Neither of them noticed the rest of the club members watching them interact. What she did notice was the way his knee got closer to hers underneath the table, and the way his fingers caressed the outside of his glass. She wasn’t sure who started it or what was said, but the sexual tension between them was so thick, it could have been cut with a knife.

Then he invited her to the garage.

Dane flipped on the lights, the fluorescent bulbs humming as, one by one, they illuminated the slew of bikes. A massive exhaust fan in the sidewall kicked to life. He grabbed her hand and walked her to the very far end of the black and chrome line.

“This one is mine,” he said as he stopped in front of a matte black machine that was so menacing, it could have only been his. He pulled her back against his front, the feel of his hard body making the breath catch in her chest. She could only imagine what it would feel like under her fingers. Those long fingers that she’d studied for so long started to trace electric lines on her arms, ever so gently.

“Do you want to go for a ride?” he said. His lips were just at the edge of her ear, and his mouth was soft against it as the words came out as barely a whisper.

“You only have one seat,” she barely breathed out. “And it’s freezing outside.”

“I didn’t plan on leaving the garage,” he said, pulling her over to the side of the bike. Effortlessly, he stepped on the kickstart, and it roared in the space. Setting his drink down on a nearby metal cart, he straddled the bike and twisted the throttle, sending a loud rattle into the air.

Dane patted the seat in front of him and without so much as a titter of hesitation, she obliged, sliding onto the small leather seat and cradling herself between his heavy thighs.

The gentle vibration of the bike beneath her was nice, but what lit her skin on fire was the feel of him behind her, his thick arms threading underneath hers, caging her in between him and the thousand-pound monster. She closed her eyes as his lips made contact with the back of her neck. With every gentle touch on her flesh, he twisted the throttle ever so gently.

Even over the noise, she could hear him say to her, “Hang on tight, Emme.”

He pulled back the throttle again, and this time, the beating of the engine between her thighs sent shock waves through her. Dane would pull back, revving the engine just enough to make her crazy and then ease off until the motor idled. Then, when she was almost calm, he would do it again. Up until that point in her life, she’d never been so horny or come so hard in her entire life.

Well, until they left the garage and went to his bedroom.