Sunday, March 30, 2014

What's in the Works?

Just a head's up for all those curious as to what's going on in Alexandraville.

April will see the release of the next title in my Football Fantasies Series.  Maggie's brother winked at me when writing Catching the Pass, so I had to open the door and let him through.  Titled Tackling Her Heart look for it April 23rd.

I'm currently working on Crave, which is slated for a May release.  I'm keeping this one close to my chest -- for now.  As it gets closer, I'll be opening the doors and letting you all see inside.

I've also got a fairy tale in the works.  It's been sittting half-done for a while now,
but I've had the feeling the need to dust it off and take a peek to see where it needs to go.

Lastly, I've got a secret story coming out June 1st.  It's a short included in a collection with a lot of awesome authors -- but it is a single title you can purchase alone, or you can snap up as many of the stories as you want.  I'm not allowed to discuss more as of yet, but come May, there will be a big reveal!

Hope you're all doing well and spring has finally sprung where you life.  Not sure if Mother Nature is sure it is actually spring yet, but we can certainly hope!