Monday, March 10, 2014

I Suck@Secrets, My Next Project, and Sacking on Sale

So, I'm working on this project ... that I can't talk about yet.

I'm that one person you DON'T tell about a secret.  Not that I won't keep it -- I am very good at being someone's ear.  But when you tell me a big, exciting secret, it starts to manifest inside me and makes me feel like I will explode.

And I can't make an announcement until May.

Freaking MAY!!


I'll expire by then, I'm sure.

But there's big news to come ... I wish I could tell you more!  And yes, it DOES involve a story of mine that will be coming in June.  The MS is just about done, I just need to let it rest and go back to it with an editing eye sometime soon.

That's all I can say for now.


Now that this project is complete, I'm trying to decide which of my upcoming projects to jump on next.  Crave has been on the agenda for a couple of months now and I'd already started writing it when the muse struck hard with Sacking the Quarterback.  I set the story aside and went on to also write Catching the Pass, which is a followup to Sacking the QB.

Catching has helped spawn another story -- Tackling Her Heart.  But I really think I need to go back and finish up Crave and get it out before tackling Tackling (hehe).

Everything is such a guessing game as to what's the right project sometimes.

OH YEAH -- COVER REVEAL!!  Just realized this is the first time I've posted the Tackling cover :)  So, there you go.

Just wait until you see the one for Crave! Hawt.  For days.

Also -- big news!  My pub has put Sacking the Quarterback on sale through the month of March for only 99¢ at All Romance E-books and Bookstrand.  So if you haven't had a chance to pick it up, now's a great time.

I seriously love this story and it came to me in a flash as football season was coming to an end (poor timing, for sure!)