Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Sample - Reporting to Him

Hi all and happy Sunday!  Here's another peek into Jensen and Sydney's story in Reporting to Him.

“I don’t want one night either.” Sydney looked into his eyes and saw the same emotions she felt within. She calmed a bit. The loneliness reared up again, the desire to belong to someone making it hard for her to breathe. Hugh was her mirror; she could see it in his eyes. She wanted to tell him yes, to say she wanted night after night of his touches. “But I can’t commit to more—”

“Bloody hell, woman. You aren’t going to walk away.”

He speared his hand into her hair, dragging her against him. Hugh seized her focus, his tongue plunging between her lips, and made the whole world fade away. He tempted and teased her, his hands roaming over her body as his mouth worked magic over hers. She sighed in delight, the sound dragged from her as he squeezed her ass cheeks. His hard length pressed against her pussy through their layers of clothing.

Which had to go.

She heaved her jacket off and tossed it on the floor before attacking the buttons of his shirt. When they were undone, she pulled the material wide and moved her hands to wander over his chest. Sydney broke the kiss, the desire to see his body winning out. The smooth expanse of tanned skin showed hours of regular exercise, his muscles firm and tight.

He tugged on her hair, forcing her back into his embrace. Hugh was an excellent kisser, just the right amount of tongue and lips as he forged a fire within. She felt his fingers between them, unfastening her shirt’s buttons before slipping it off her body. Cold air streamed over her heated skin as he bared her, the lacy bra she wore the only thing to warm her besides his impassioned stare. Hugh pushed her back, and his greedy gaze took her in, his hands molding her plump breasts in his grip.