Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Sample - Reporting to Him

Happy Sunday, all!

This week I'm shifting things a little.  This scene is with Sydney's boss and mentor, as he tells her he's leaving the magazine.  She's heartbroken and this is one of my favorite scenes in the book.  The whole scene is much longer and really gives us some background on Sydney and the heartache she's had in her life.  Here's a little taste.

“Then what has you so upset? Is there more to this merger story?”

“No point beating around the bush. I’m too old to deal with a bunch of changes. I’ve been putting this off for years, and there’s just no putting it off any longer.” Oliver took a deep breath before the words rushed out of his mouth. “I’m retiring.”

Retiring? No! He can’t leave yet! Anger filled her. She couldn’t face another abandonment. “In our moment of need? You’re just going to leave us? Come on, Oliver! You live for the fight.”

A frown came over Oliver’s face as he looked at her. “I’ve stayed longer than I should have. Having the chance to work with you and the other young folks on our team has made me stay on here past the point I should have bowed out.”

The chance to work with us? He’s got it backward. “Without you, there is no magazine. Oliver, come on, you need to reconsider this.”

“I have. I’ve been considering and reconsidering this for five years. Then you came fresh-faced out of college with all your great ideas and enthusiasm, and I couldn’t back down. Your youth and energy made work fun again, and your enthusiasm for learning this business reminded me of myself at your age. As the team shifted into a core group of young people, it made this job new again for me. Having the chance to guide and mentor you all has been some of my best years in this industry.” A shine came to his eyes, and she felt the breath knocked from her lungs as she watched the man she saw as a father figure struggle with his words.

Beating back a sob, Sydney settled in her chair. She tried to gather her thoughts, separating them from the well of feelings driving her to break down and cry. But Sydney didn’t cry. Once she bit back the emotion, she spoke. “Why didn’t you discuss this with me or at least give me some inkling you were considering leaving?”

“I knew you’d try to talk me out of it.” Oliver leaned forward, resting his elbows on his desk. “Brenda has been asking me to retire for years now. It’s time. I already had my letter of resignation typed up when the e-mail came about the sale. When I read the news, I knew it sealed the deal. My decision is made.”

How can he leave us? How can he leave…me? “How am I— How are we going to manage without you?”