Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Sample - Reporting to Him

Here's another sampling from Reporting to Him -- now available everywhere e-books are sold.

Career driven to a fault, Sydney Grayson has forged a path up the corporate ladder at a NYC newsmagazine. When she learns about a potential rung coming open, she takes a shot on the editor-in-chief job and dreams of the big office. Unfortunately, a corporate merger nearly pushes her out the front door instead. Once she learns she's not getting the job, a night of excesses ends up with her tied in a sexy Brit's bed. He drives her past the quiet control she has on her life and demands more than one night.

Jensen Archer flies into town on his father's orders--close the barely profitable magazine arm of their new acquisition and do it quickly. But when he realizes his sexy one-night stand is also the assistant editor, he knows he has to touch and taste her again. But can hot sex lead to love? He's in for a battle pitting himself against his embittered father. Jensen has to decide if he stands with his family or the woman who makes his body tremble with need.

*Note* - Sydney dubs our hero, Jensen, "Hugh" early in the story when he's being playful and refusing to give her his name.  

“Going on a bender at the pub is bloody easy. Doesn’t take much effort at all. You sit there and ingest a fine stout and let it take you away.” Hugh leaned in and captured her chin, lifting it. He inspected her face, his warm breath flowing over hers, scented with beer and a spicy smell she couldn’t place. Sydney wanted to taste him, to know his kiss more desperately than anything she could ever remember. “No, I mean doing something…crazy.”

“I can be crazy.”

“Sure, love. When was the last time you did anything crazy?”

“I came over here with you tonight. If that’s not crazy, I don’t know what is.”

“Touché.” Hugh smiled again, a glimmer flitting through his eyes. His face soon turned serious as he looked down at her. He leaned in closer, his lips a whisper away from hers. “I just need to taste you.”

Sydney sucked in a breath, needing his kiss more than she needed to breathe. She arched her spine, bringing her face closer to his. His stare was piercing her, making her yearn for more than his kisses. As his lips descended, the caress of his supple mouth against hers was too soft, too gentle. She needed him to be rough and take what he wanted.

He didn’t make her wait long.

Hugh moved his hand at her chin and slid it along her face, capturing her neck in his grasp. He pulled her closer, his lips insistent on hers. She let out a low moan as he deepened the embrace, every molecule within her on fire for more. Her skin felt a size too small, her body hyperaware of everything, yet nothing…but him.

Hugh tasted of rich stout and cinnamon, an odd combination, but it seemed right in that moment. He lowered a hand to her ass, pulling her nearer to him. She was cocooned in his arms, his heat making her frantic. She had to have more of him, more touching. Sydney was quite sure she’d die without it.

As if he were reading her mind, his hand began to slip from her neck, sliding down the front of her chest, stopping at her breast. He carefully circled the plump handful like he was afraid she would bolt. After a few minutes he squeezed the flesh, weighing it with his hand. Sydney shivered, her nipple hardening to a stiff point under his touch. She moved under him, pushing her breast against his bold strokes.