Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Sample - Reporting to Him

Here's a sampling from Reporting to Him -- now available everywhere e-books are sold.  

Career driven to a fault, Sydney Grayson has forged a path up the corporate ladder at a NYC newsmagazine. When she learns about a potential rung coming open, she takes a shot on the editor-in-chief job and dreams of the big office. Unfortunately, a corporate merger nearly pushes her out the front door instead. Once she learns she's not getting the job, a night of excesses ends up with her tied in a sexy Brit's bed. He drives her past the quiet control she has on her life and demands more than one night.

Jensen Archer flies into town on his father's orders--close the barely profitable magazine arm of their new acquisition and do it quickly. But when he realizes his sexy one-night stand is also the assistant editor, he knows he has to touch and taste her again. But can hot sex lead to love? He's in for a battle pitting himself against his embittered father. Jensen has to decide if he stands with his family or the woman who makes his body tremble with need.

Their waitress stepped up to the table, setting two more pints down before them. Sydney eyed them and then glanced at the nearly full glass in her hand. “We didn’t order another round…yet.”

The young woman leaned in close, pointing her thumb over her shoulder. “No, but the hot guy at the bar did.”

As the waitress left the table, Sydney started checking out the guys at the bar. When her gaze found the man in question, her heart stopped beating. He caught Sydney staring and saluted her, mouthing the word, Hello.

It was Hugh.

Their eyes met, and she felt a tightening in her chest, the breath sucked from her lungs. Her gaze trapped, she couldn’t look away from him. Her heartbeat escalated, the rhythmic pumping drowning out the cacophony around her. In that moment it was just him and her. Everyone else in the bar faded away as she looked at him. Reality hit her suddenly that she’d lost the bet. Losing wasn’t something Sydney did well.

“Well, I’ll be damned.” Sydney slammed her glass to the table, shaking everything on it, trying to drag herself out of whatever craziness she’d just felt. Suds from the new beers slipped over the edges of the glasses and slid down the frosty sides. “The last thing I need tonight is that man getting in my face.”

Emma looked the guy over, waving flirtatiously as she stared. “He’s kinda cute.”

“He’s all yours.” No, he’s not. He’s mine. Mine, all mine. Sydney shook her head to get the errant thoughts from her brain.

“What do you mean by that man?” Emma turned to her, and Sydney felt Emma’s stare boring into her. A light began to glitter in Emma’s eyes as she quietly observed Sydney. “That’s him, isn’t it? The guy from the airport?”

There was no point avoiding it. Emma would just keep prodding if Sydney didn’t fess up. “Yeah, that’s him. But I’m in no mood to be social tonight.”

“No, Sydney, this is exactly what you need. A night with a sexy man to make you forget all about what’s going on at work. It’ll be cathartic. Wipe away the bad memories of the day with some great sex with a guy you’re obviously attracted to, since you haven’t stopped staring at him since you looked over there.”
“You really didn’t suggest I go home with a random guy.” Her whole body tightened at the thought of his hands on her, and she didn’t even know his name.

“I did. I’m sure it’s the beer talking, but damn if it doesn’t sound like a fine idea right now. Plus, he’s not random. You’ve run into this guy three times in a week. Fate is trying to tell you something here, so you better wake up and listen. And there is our bet. You lost. I won. Now it’s time for you to turn on the charm and make your move.”