Monday, September 9, 2013

New Work In Progress (WIP)

I'm in the planning stages of the follow-up for Reporting to Him and had the luckiest thing happen to me.  I've been mulling over the plot line for a few days now, but there was something missing -- the key that would make it all come together.

Now quite often, as soon as I get really comfortable in bed, late at night, the crickets chirping (I live in the city, so I have no crickets, sigh), and the best idea pops into my head JUST as I begin to drift off into Neverland.  Often, I'm so tired that I don't get up to write it down and whatever the idea is lost to the void.

This morning, as I was waking up, the key fluttered into my brain.

That just doesn't happen.

I feel as though I should've gone out and bought a lottery ticket or something.

At least this idea is one which won't end up in the abyss and it truly is a gem for Andrew Tate and Emma Kelly's story.  It's definitely going to through Emma for a little loop.

I hope you've all liked Sydney's tale thus far!  Now back to my outline.  :)