Monday, August 12, 2013


Welcome to the new and improved Alexandra O'!

I've streamlined my site and combined my blog and website into one easy spot, making it easier for me to share news and upcoming events with everyone.

And a more streamlined site also means I have more time to write and bring stories to my fans.

A little update --

1.  Reporting to Him is coming Sept 3, 2013 from Loose Id.  I'm super excited about the release and I can't wait for it to get here already!

2.  I've started the next Knights of the Temple book, but it's slow going right now.  But it's coming!

3.  After the next KotT book, I'll start work on the follow-up to Falling for Him.  It's been screaming, so I need to work on it, for sure.

I also merged my Facebook and my fan page -- so now I only have the fan page.  If I lost you when I merged, please come find me!  I'm still Facebooking :)

Okay -- back to the words.